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Vinyl windows in Brampton are manufactured to be durable to withstand the harsh Canadian winters as well as reduce energy costs. Total Home Windows and Doors in Brampton produces the highest quality windows and doors for our residential customers. Home designers recommend Brampton vinyl windows for their traditional beauty with contemporary elements. We can make a custom design for our windows to meet all your requirements and taste.

We manufacture our windows to be both functional and stylish. With their bevelled exterior and sash, the structure of the window frames is uncompromised while providing a gorgeous unobstructed view. As well, the fusion welded corners and multi chamber construction provide superior insulation and ventilation as well as ease of operation with their sturdy steel design, our Brampton windows give you endless possibilities for design options.
When you are ready to install new or replacement vinyl windows in your Brampton area home, our certified professionals will ensure that your windows are professionally installed to the highest standard. Vinyl windows in Brampton are the ideal choice for those who want windows that will lower energy bills as well as easy to operate, durable and low upkeep.

As old and drafty windows are often the biggest source of energy loss and air leaks, installing new vinyl Brampton windows can significantly reduce your energy costs due to their outstanding insulation properties. Older homes with existing windows will require a lot of upkeep so it only makes sense to upgrade to the new vinyl windows. They are designed to keep the warm air out during the hot summer months and the cold air at bay during the harsh winters frequently happened in Canada.
Read on for more details about the types of windows we offer and feel free to call us with any questions regarding our high standard vinyl windows replacement.

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    When shopping for replacement vinyl Brampton windows, you need to take into consideration the type of windows you wish to install. One of the most crucial elements is of course the material. As vinyl is the most popular choice at the moment, it is a sound investment. It was originally introduced in the early 1970s as a more cost effective option to other window materials. Read on to find out the features and benefits of the various types of vinyl windows for your Brampton area home.

    As such, vinyl windows can save you a great deal of money. They are known for their energy efficiency due to their high insulation properties. This has led to homeowners saving hundreds of dollars on their yearly energy costs.



    If you really want to impart a lasting impression, consider adding decorative glass inserts for a dramatic effect. Every one of our windows and doors can be custom designed with a selection of colorful glass inserts, sidelights and grill options. In addition to class and style they also offer the following benefits:

    • Durable: stained-glass: double sealed all others: sealed with intercept
    • Secure: all models are manufactured with tempered glass
    • Private: all windows can be equipped with refractive internal mini blinds to ensure privacy
    • Aesthetic Appeal: the stained-glass colors in the interior blend nicely with the caming of the stained-glass design
    • Low maintenance: vinyl windows are easy to clean and require little to no upkeep
    • Energy Efficient: All of our windows are manufactured with Energitech(R) glass and included both Argon gas and Low E Glass.
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    Trim style selection and proper sizing are critical elements with regard to proper functionality, performance, operations satisfaction and service life. Prefinished and unfinished options to match your interior trim as well as your entry door. Styles

    • Harmonize with crown moulding, chair rails and baseboards
    • 4 Stylish patio door trim and interior window styles from which to choose.


    Our vinyl jamb extension, available in a wide array of sizes to blend perfectly with your vinyl replacement windows.

    • 100% durable virgin lead free PVC
    • Adjustable for various shapes of windows
    • 100% maintenance free

    Our snap on vinyl casing will perfectly accent your vinyl windows as they are offered in a variety of sizes and can be accentuated with mitered corner settings or stylish rosettes.

    • Adjustable for various shapes of windows
    • 100% maintenance free
    • 100% durable virgin lead free PVC


    An important part of window replacement, brick mold consists of a strip of vinyl used to close the gap between the frame and the wall thus providing a seal from both water and air inflation. As they are lightweight and durable, vinyl brick moulds are extremely easy to work with. They do not need to be painted and are used to for a traditional look and feel. They are available in a wide variety of colors to match your home.

    Exterior Colors

    In addition to traditional white and tan, Total Home Windows and Doors Brampton offers seven premium exterior colors. These can be used to accentuate or match your siding, stucco and exterior trim. Standard Brampton windows have a white interior and exterior As well, Standard exterior colors can be equipped with matching tan or white interiors. Our selection of premium colors enhances the clean angles and lines of the window frame. Whether dark or light in shading, every color com a natural look and blends will with any wall color to create a contemporary and smooth look and feel for your home.



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    Awning windows are those windows which project outward when opened with a hand crank as they are hinged at the top. They are similar to an awning, hence the name, and provide excellent ventilation while protecting your home from the elements.

    Awning windows are an ideal solution for those hard to reach spaces such as above kitchen or bathroom sinks or counters. They also create a pleasing aesthetic when installed below or above picture windows. They can be custom designed with decorative and textured glass to create a unique flare for any room of your home.

    Awning windows Brampton are perfect for both older homes and new construction. They can be paired with painted shutters to update the look and feel of your home.  If you are looking for windows that are easy to clean and operate that also provide maximum ventilation, the awning windows are the right choice for you.

    Casement Windows BramptonCASEMENT  WINDOWS

    Casement windows are the optimal choice for those who want an unobstructed vertical view and superior ventilation. Unlike their single hung counterparts, they do not have a center rail obstructing their view. They are opened by a crank handle and swing outward as they are hinged on either the left or right-hand side.

    Casement windows are energy efficient, an excellent source of ventilation and aesthetically pleasing. They nicely complement any style of home from older homes to newer homes and can be custom designed in a variety of colors and sizes. In addition, they are easy to clean and require little to on maintenance.

    Fixed  Window BramptonFIXED WINDOWS

    Fixed windows are stationary windows that are designed of a single sash that is permanently fashioned in their frame. Thus, they are non-operational. However, they are a great way to allow natural sunlight to brighten up any room of your home. In addition, they are manufactured with tempered glass and sturdy hardware so will provide you with additional peace of mind against break-ins as they are an excellent source of security.

    Fixed windows can be custom designed with decorative glass, grills and other features to meet your individual needs and match the look of your home. As they are highly insulated, they are also a great solution for those who are looking to reduce their monthly energy.


    Picture windows are a great way to open up any room in your Brampton area home. Picture windows Brampton allow for maximum light exposure while also bring the outdoors in with their breathtaking views.

    As they are manufactured out of one piece of glass they do not contain sashes or other compartments that would obstruct your view. Thus, they do not open or close so are not recommended for areas that require ventilation. However, you can install casement or other windows alongside them if you to have airflow as well. Whether paired with other windows, or installed don their own, picture windows are a great way to show off any room!

    In addition to sensational unobstructed views of nature, picture windows are low maintenance and highly energy efficient.


    Single slider windows are another popular choice amongst Canadian residents. They are extremely low maintenance, practical and look great on any style of home. As opposed to their double hung counterparts, they open only one side. They are an ideal solution for smaller homes or smaller rooms that do not require larger windows,

    Single slider windows are designed with one sash that slides horizontally with the frame, normally from left to right, unless you specify otherwise. They are easy to clean as the half screen is easy to remove, and they are energy efficiency as well. They can be custom designed in many styles and colors to match the look and feel of your home.


    Double slider windows are also a popular choice in the Brampton area as they are ideal for small spaces. Unlike their single slider counterparts, double slider windows can be open on either side. With this option, they allow for more sunlight and natural air to enter your home.

    As well, the ability to slide in either direction  makes them easy to clean. In addition, they are energy efficient and provide maximum security as they are designed with durable locks and hardware. You can rest assure that your home will be safe and secure with all of our vinyl windows Brampton. If you are unsure which of these two options best suits your needs, feel free to contact us for expert advice.


    Single hung Brampton windows are an ideal choice for any home and are known for the following features and benefits:

    • They are designed with both upper and lower sashes, so they can slide up and down.
    • The sashes are removable for easy cleaning
    • They can open from the top so you can keep your children and pets safe at all times
    • They can be custom designed to match any type of home from modern to traditional.
    • They keep the hot air out in the summer and the cold air at bay during the cold winter months
    • They are equipped with sturdy locks to prevent home invasions.
    • They can be custom designed to match your needs as well as the overall look of your home.

    They are insulated thus they can greatly lower your energy costs.


    Double hung windows are yet another popular option for Canadian residents for style and efficiency. The difference between single hung and double hung windows is that with double hung windows, both panels may be opened at the same time. This allows cool air to flow inward while hot air escapes through the top.

    Another feature of double hung windows is that they are a great source of natural light and ventilation for those who love sunlight and natural air. As well, they are easy to clean as both panels tilt inward. And maintain and require little upkeep. In addition, they are highly energy efficient and can drastically reduce your energy costs.